i was reading through some poetry that i “had” to write for a class in undergrad. and as i was reading through the results of “poetry requirements,” i decided that i would share. i do not in any way claim to be a good poet, but it is something that i enjoy. so for now, here is a little glimpse down memory lane – a poem that fulfilled a requirement, but that i genuinely enjoyed writing and love.


Feather pillow on my bed
Like the transparent wings
Of a dragon fly.
As he unpredictably darts
Through the sticky summer night.
Nomadic and boundless.
The heights he can attain
Limited only by our imaginations.
Like the dreams of my childhood.
Ever-changing, disjointed.
Erratically launching me
Into the illogical.
Wondering about life.
Every night.
I fall asleep
On my feather pillow.

and just in case you are wondering, the “requirement” for this poem was to take two completely illogical things and find a way to connect them – i.e. in my poem, a dragon-fly and a feather pillow.


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